Internet of Things (IoT) Earthquake Detector based on Ground Acceleration Waves
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by ΜΙΛΤΙΑΔΗΣ ΜΕΛΙΣΣΑΣ on 10/03/2019
IoT (Internet of Things) device which: (a) Records the seismic acceleration (g = 9.8 m / s2) and represents it graphically (graphical charts) through the IoT ThingSpeak Interface Platform (http: //, b) registering the time and the duration of the earthquake, (c) Wired or wirelessly connected to the Internet and accessible at channel, worldwide, d) Sending tweets to school account on Twitter and informs about seismic activity when prices go through a "critical threshold" (policy criterion), and finally, e) It maps as a device to its google map location.
Keywords: seismograph, Internet of Things, IoT, seismic acceleration, acceleration graphs, seismic waves, google maps, policy criteria, creativity, responsibility, ICT, STEM
Learning Objectives: seismology, seismic ground waves, resolving real world problems, data collection, data visualisation, problem solving, inquire based learning, creativity, responsibility, use of ICT
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Languages: English, Greek
Students age group: 12 - 15
Subject domain: Mathematics, Science, ICT, Engineering, Technology
# of students participating: 6
Updated on: 15.03.2019


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