Design and make a mosaic picnic table
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In a timespan of ± 6 weeks, we design a piece of outdoor furniture and use the mosaic technique to make it. An artist comes to inspire the designing process by talking about and showing art of Hundertwasser, Gaudi, Picasso etc. After this, children make their own design; the most convincing images are selected and combined into a final design for the picknicktable. Hereafter, children cooperate to make the final mosaic on the picknicktable.


"Bigger projects often take place in in a context of citizen participation projects and initiatives. Local residents create mosaic projects for their neighbourhood, park or urban area. This results in community art where people make art together in their social environment".

 Check out this website for more information:


RRI-PRINCIPES - Responsible Research and Innovation (link: RRI-principes)

De Europese RRI-principes zijn bedoeld om wetenschap en onderzoek op een verantwoorde manier aan te laten sluiten bij onze maatschappelijke waarden:

Vul hieronder in op welke manier jouw project aansluit bij deze maatschappelijke waarden:




School works together with an artist but school remains responsible for execution of the projects.

Maatschappelijke Betrokkenheid

(Public Engagement)

We work on respectful interaction with materials, nature and fellow citizens by stressing aesthetical and ethical implications of our conduct.


(Gender Equality)

This project is open to everyone and anyone.


(Science Education)

Design is a function of usability.



Rather than stressing the competitive aspect of the selection process, we focus on a healthy consensus building process, cherishing every child’s input and effort. In line with the Reggio Emilia approach we stimulate mutual respect for unique personality traits and expressions.

Beschikbaarheid van Project en Uitkomsten

(Open Access)

We will share the process and outcome on the OSOS portal; we will feature the project on our school website and the artist will show the project on his portfolio.The cost of the project is 2500 for materials and paid hours fort he artist.


Contact: Basisschool de Verwondering


Keywords: Craftmanship, design, art, mosaïc, collaboration
Learning Objectives: Design phase followed by production phase, collaboration is necessary in big projects, outside furniture has different requirements than indoor furniture, learn about different art forms and ideas, design adds value to user products
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Languages: English, Dutch
Students age group: less than 6, 6 - 9, 9 - 12
Subject domain: Engineering
# of students participating: 75
Updated on: 14.05.2019


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