Bees for the Future in Canary Island
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by Deusto LearningLab on 29/10/2018

Do you like bees? Do you think they are important? What would happen if bees disappeared?

Well, fellow explorer, today you are going to become a scientist researching on one of the most important contemporary science research problems. Although we are used to seeing people run away from bees or associate them with the sweet tasting wonderful food we call honey, bees are so much more than that. Do you know why? Embark on this journey, play a fun game, enroll in an interactive research platform, colaborate with your community and you will become an expert and a very important change maker in the world. Bees will thank you … and humanity as well!

Keywords: Bees, Biodiversity, Web-of-life, Population, extinction, conservation
Learning Objectives: Awareness regarding local and global issues / 21st skills / ICT experience / science research in classroom / work with and for the community
Rating: -/5
Views: 564
Languages: English
Students age group: all ages
Subject domain: Biology, Ecology, Botany, Humans and animals, Life processes, Variation, inheritance and evolution, Environmental Education, Climate, Environment, Environmental protection
# of students participating: Teacher's choice
Updated on: 10.04.2019


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