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OSOS provides innovative ways to explore the world: not simply to automate processes but to inspire, to engage and to connect. It supports the development of innovative and creative projects and other educational activities. It transforms schools to innovative ecosystems that act as shared sites of science learning in which leaders, teachers, students and the local community cooperate.

For every chld, inclusive education
Dec 03, 2019
OSOS escape boxes!
Dec 02, 2019
Dec 02, 2019
World Children’s Day – 20 November
Nov 19, 2019
Open Schooling Day 2019 round up
Oct 23, 2019
Hackathon: Hack the Quake
Sep 30, 2019
Our schools should be incubators of exploration and invention and accelerators of innovation by promoting Open Schooling. OSOS supports a holistic approach that transforms schools to innovative ecosystems. find out more+
OSOS offers the opportunity to publish your school project in the first European peer-reviewed scientific journal for students. find out more+

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