Workshop on "Schools Study Earthquakes" during the Hellenic Scientix Conference for STEM Education

During the Hellenic Scientix Conference for STEM Education, researchers from EA (Aliki Giannakopoulou, Giannis Alexopoulos and Nikos Zygoutitsas) organised a workshop on Tuesday 4/9/2018 to demonstrate how schools can become a hub of information and collaboration for the local community. The workshop presented the case of the “Schools Study Earthquakes” accelerator that focuses on the study of a physical phenomenon with great societal impact and proposes pedagogical practices based on inquiry‐based methods that are more effective in science education.

Participants were able to understand that the key is to provide increased opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between schools across European countries (mainly countries of the European South that experiencing seismic activity) and encourage relationships between stakeholders of both formal and informal education by establishing a network of schools that will study real data, do real analysis of real seismic activity in real time and will present their results to their communities.



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