National contest winner (RO): A scenario of teaching English to impaired students

National contest winner (RO): A scenario of teaching English to impaired students

Between October 2014 and the beginning of 2015 twenty countries' inspired and committed teachers took part in the ODS Contest, sharing with the ODS community their learning scenarios. The submitted works have all gone through national assessment processes, being evaluated by the following criteria: quality, innovation, attractiveness, ethics, connectivity with other groups / countries / people with special needs, building capacity for teamwork; and some countries are ready to announce their national winners.

Professor Georgeta Namolovan, the author and teacher of educational scenario called "Let's learn English together" is the Romanian winner. She will be rewarded with an invitation to the Summer School in Greece and will enter the international final. Prof. Namolovan's project helps children with visual impairments to learn English and their parents will learn to use the program RoboBraille.

"The school is wide open to innovation. In the past decade schools have been modernized with the latest equipment and technologies to provide permanent access to visually impaired students. We organize and support activities for students to express their talent in new areas. We are involved in many activities aimed at improving school activities, promoting e-learning, and offering students access to culture. Our main objective is to integrate their educational, social and professional skills. Working with SIVECO Romania has a real importance in the utility to offer through the exchange of educational content that we can achieve through the portal ODS, thus ensuring connection with other European special schools working with visually impaired students", said prof. Georgeta Namolovan from the Special Secondary School for the Visually Impaired in Bucharest.

We invite you to read the extended article on SIVECO's website.



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