Looking back at the OSOS Summer School 2018

The Open Schools for Open Societies Summer School 2018 was organized by Ellinogermaniki Agogi, in Marathon, Greece, from July 1st to July 6th 2018.

The OSOS Summer School offered a high-impact and transformative experience in personal and organizational level. Contributing to the professional development of the participants, the Summer School provided them with significant insights and tools to implement the necessary changes and with the intervention skills to best plan and then diffuse innovation in their own school, helping it evolve to an Open Schooling Environment, establishing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles.

During the OSOS Summer School, personal and individualized support, in addition to the provision to the suite of supporting tools, empowered the participants to engage in innovative practices. Instead of suggesting a onefitsall approach to the forms and types of pilot activities, participants learned how to choose existing or design new types of school based activities and accelerators addressing the curriculum areas where they believe that innovation is demanded.

The OSOS Summer School provided participants with a powerful framework to engage, discuss and explore:

  • how schools needs to evolve, transform or reinvent itself, according to the innovation level it is already reached:
  • Innovation & openness for beginners: from individual efforts to holistic action plans
  • Introducing innovation to competent schools: from essential change to acceleration
  • From innovative schools to RRIenriched learning commons
  • how schools will facilitate open, more effective and efficient codesign, cocreation, and use of educational content (both from formal and informal providers), tools and services for personalized learning and teaching
  • how schools can become an innovation incubator and accelerator

The OSOS Summer School offered to the participants sessions on:

  • Identifying the real needs of the school
  • The open School Self-reflection tool and the open School development plan
  • Fostering parental engagement in the school
  • Introducing RRI principles in the school projects
  • Developing innovative school projects that fit the needs of the society
  • Uploading school projects on the OSOS platform
  • The open Schooling hub and its role
  • Evaluating school projects
  • Building synergies around Europe with common projects

Lear more about the Summer School here



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