ISE Observing Challenge

ISE Observing Challenge

To participate in the ISE 2016 Observing Challenge, use the demonstrator below with your class before 30 June 2016. The scenario involves using Messier Bingo to become familar with astronomical objects, and then observe one of them with the LCOGT telescope. Also, see the details of our webinar on this at the bottom of the page.

Teachers who successfully complete the scenario with their class (using the demonstrator with more than 10 students) will receive a poster of their observation.

You can either:

  1. Join this ISE community, clone the demonstrator, and deliver it to your class
    (There are instructions available for cloning and delivering ISE demonstrators on the How to Use page).
    This will allow you to directly monitor your students' progress.
  2. Direct your students to the common delivery link:
    In this case, you will need the teacher notes, which are available in the demonstrator preview:
    You do not need an ISE account to use this route, but you will not be able to track your students' progess.
    Please ensure that your school name appears in your students' nicknames when they log in.

If have an account with LCOGT, then you should use that account. If not, then a general ISE Challenge account is availableuntil 30th June 2016 (see the demonstrator for details). After that date, then please contact to request an account. UK teachers can register with the Faulkes Telescope Project.


Submitting your observations

To submit your entry into the ISE 2016 Observing Challenge, then please complete this Google Form before 8 July 2016.

Only teachers who submit these details will be able to receive their poster.


Event useful URLs



Title: ISE Observing Challenge
Date: Wednesday 25 May 2016
Time - 16:00 CEST
Location: recording available here

During this webinar Dr. Chris North will take you through the steps you need to participate in the ISE 2016 Observing Challenge. This will involve exploring the ready-to-use learning scenario available to all on the ISE portal and the simple Messier Bingo tool that you can use to celebrate their exploration of the Universe.

To read more about the webinar and register visit the webinar page.



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