An inspiring afternoon of practice for Education (16 Sep 2015)

An inspiring afternoon of practice for Education (16 Sep 2015)

What should children learn to be fully prepared for life in the 21st century? Besides language and mathematics and the core subjects, skills as teamwork, creativity, ICT literacy, communication, problem solving, critical thinking and social and cultural skills are essential. Also, a committed, venturous and inquisitive attitude is useful in the 21st century.

That is well said but how to approach this as a teacher? What are the possibilities? What is the proven approach? Where to start and what do you need? How can we learn from each other? Come to our afternoon of practice and find the answers!

Learning to learn in the 21st century

On Wednesday, September 16th, the Rolf Group, OinO advice, University of Twente and Open Discovery Space organize an inspiring afternoon of practice on Education in the 21st century. During this afternoon you will experience how the above mentioned 21st Century skills can be addressed in the daily teaching practice. Examples will be presented and the participating teacher can work with those examples during the afternoon. For example, it will be shown how you can build a 3D-printer together with your pupils and how to use this printer for math or you can experience how you can use a real robot can help pupils learn about colours. Discover more about how pupils as young as 4 years old can learn, in a fun way, to programme in their own learning environment. In addition, we are happy to inform you about other new and innovative educational applications that can make your teaching practice more interactive and interesting.

Programme afternoon of practice

During the event we offer a very interesting programme with a wide choice of 10 workshops, all of which are given by experts from the educational sector. All workshops are aimed at primary education, but there are also topics that are interesting for child care and teachers in lower secondary education.

Programme Start End
Arrival 13.30 hrs 14.00 hrs
Welcome and introduction 14.00 hrs 14.30 hrs
Workshop round 1 14.30 hrs 15.20 hrs
Workshop round 2 15.30 hrs 16.20 hrs
Chat while enjoying a snack / drink 16.20 hrs 17.30 hrs

Application is free!

The afternoon of practice will take place in the premises of the Rolf Group, Josink Esweg 2, Enschede and there is no fee. Participants can register via the following website: Please, choose 2 workshops you would like to attend. The maximum amount of participants is 150, so register quickly.

For more information about the afternoon of practive, please contact:
Jeroen Rougoor (OinO-advies),, T: 06 44762243
Jeroen Scholten (de Rolf groep),, T: 06 20361249
Wouter Vollenbroek (Universiteit Twente),, T: 06 39108124



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