Stellar mass black holes: part 2 [Frontiers and controversies in Astrophysics]

Stellar mass black holes: part 2 [Frontiers and controversies in Astrophysics]
Original hosted in "LA Flor", contributed by Social Updater on 15/01/2015
Presents a lecture of Professor Charles Bailyn that discusses stellar mass black holes. the class begins with clarification of equations from the previous lecture. Four post-Newtonian gravitational effects are introduced and discussed in detail. The first of these is the so-called Perihelion Precession, which occurs when the major axis of a planet's elliptical orbit precesses within its orbital plane, in response to changing gravitational forces exerted by other planets. Secondly, deflection of light is described as the curving of light as it passes near a large mass. Gravitational redshift is explained as a frequency effect that occurs as light moves away from a massive body such as a star or black hole. Finally, the existence and effects of gravitational waves are discussed. The lecture closes with a brief history of the 1919 eclipse expedition that made Einstein famous.
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