Science Theater Implementation Scenario: “Parallel Worlds”

Science Theater Implementation Scenario: “Parallel Worlds”
Original hosted in "ODS", contributed by Menelaos Sotiriou on 17/06/2016

This Implementation Scenario is designed as an approximately 5-month project. A five-act script outline of “Parallel Worlds” (find it in the Annex) is provided and teachers along with students will be asked to choose at least one and up to all five acts to stage as a performance that will include original drama, music, dance and video (pupils can use existing videos provided they are licensed to). Each act requires a different number of actors (13-26), whereas the complete play has 88 characters. School groups can choose how many and which acts to stage according to the number of participants and time available. The action can take place as part of the ‘project’ course of the curriculum or as part of the regular activities of school societies (drama, music etc.). School groups will be expected to spend at least 2 hours per week to prepare and rehearse for the final performance.

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