Scenario with X-Road Virtual Reality Street simulator.
Original hosted in "ODS", contributed by Thevin on 07/08/2019

This resource has been designed for use with the VISTE Virtual Reality Street simulator.

This is a step-by-step learning scenario written by the O&M instructors to be used in street simulator. This scenario corresponded to the analysis of crossing environment in urban streets. It involves a pedestrian crossing and a traffic light crossing). The final goal is to define when to cross safely.

Our prototype is composed of a smartphone with earphones. The O&M instructors instanciate a virtual environment (a virtual pedestrian crossing or a virtual traffic light crossing) and the audio feedback corresponding to the cars are played. It enables visually impaired users to locate the street, to walk parallel to it and to move in general inside the virtual world. O&M instructors developed a step-by-step learning scenario (see ressources on the VISTE platform), and our virtual reality prototype follows this scenario to ask questions to the students. The questions are about analyzing the virtual environment. The first questions are about understanding the environment, the last questions are about defining when crossing and cross.

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