Renewable, Green, Clean? Wind Energy and Solar Energy

Renewable, Green, Clean? Wind Energy and Solar Energy
Original hosted in "ISE", contributed by Dimitris Rossis on 06/05/2015
The activity ‘Renewable, Green, Clean? Wind Energy and Solar Energy’ is an educational activity that aims to sensitize the students on the advantages and applications of renewable energy resources. The activity includes inquiry-based actions, simple and more advanced investigation and activities to propose hypotheses, a serious game, as well as field trips, to help the students understand and familiarize themselves with the concepts introduced. More specifically, students are engaged in a set of inquiry-based exercises to consider alternative explanations and formulate final ideas, to help them adopt a leading role in the learning process and reach a scientifically-based conclusion. Students are expected to participate on an individual level and as part of teams, to complete the different activities. Technology-based tools and online platforms should be made available to the students, in order to explore how well-established their knowledge is.
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