What does "Universal Design for Learning" mean to you?

What does "Universal Design for Learning" mean to you?



Neil O'Sullivan

As a teacher, trying to implement  Universal Design for Lerning means that I try to apply universal design for learning principles: 1 Provide multiple means of action and expression. 2 Provide multiple means of representation and 3 Provide multiple means of engagement. I do this by trying to facilitate and create barrier-free environments for students to learn. Trying to manage diversity in my classroom and develop innovative inclusive teaching and curriculum design approaches. I try to foster an  open-minded attitude and see my role as a service provider and facilitator and an enabler making students aware of own learning strengthes and abilities.


As a teacher educator it is my professional aim in life to make my students aware of the fact that not all learners learn like they do, that learners are motivated by different things, that they work at different speeds. Above all I want my students to be aware of the fact that in principle everybody wants to learn, as long as it is clear to them why they should learn something and as long as they have a certain degree of autonomy with respect to the how and what of learning. Learning should be fun, learning should sometimes be frustrating in a positive way, but learning should always be possible to all learners. UDL is not carved in stone....it is a quest that will lead to more and more insights and creative solutions.

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