ODS Contest in Estonia and Latvia

ODS Contest in Estonia and Latvia

Seems like a first discussion in this group.

Contests in Estonia http://miksike.ee and Latvia http://miksike.lv are announced. Deadlines to submit contributions are 22. Dec for Latvia and 30. Dec for Estonia.

We try to figure out the winner by mid January, but have promised results the latest 25th of January. 

Miksike provided in cooperation the the Riga City a seminar 21.-22.11.2014  focusing on ODS and ODS contest. Link to the news is here. Its in Latvian, but similar "ODS" letter combination shows up quit often in the text + Google/Bing provide nice translation tools for more. :)

See: http://www.e-skola.lv/public/64260.html




OK - wish all the best - and I am sure that Estonian and Latvian, although not speaking the same language - will gather a lot of teachers for the contest.

Best greetings from now dark Vienna at 4.8°C,


Kristiina Rattasepp

Thank you for the good wishes! We`ve got already some letters asking about the contest and know that teachers from Estonia are working :) Best wishes!

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