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XXI Century Classroom in Azores Island 2018
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XXI Century Classroom in Azores Island 2018

The Azores archipelago is located near the triple junction of the Eurasian, American and African plates on the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are approximately 1500km from Europe and 3900km from the North American east coast and are located on the Azores Plateau, which is a thick and irregular area of oceanic crust.

Azores is providing a unique opportunity to create innovative science lessons take advantage of the uniqueness its natural cultural and natural heritage. Learn how you can use modern technology to take advantage of your local environment to create inspiring science lessons. This course is organised in the framework of the projects Open Schools for Open Societies, PLATON, ICAROS and others. It aims at engaging teachers in modern ways to motivate students to science careers while providing a unique experience for the participants in terms of meeting colleagues from other countries and visiting world heritage sites and exclusive natural sites

The main objective is to help teachers:

- Apply innovative methodologies such as Inquiry based learning
- Create the perfect environment, tailored to the needs of their students
- Prepare interdisciplinary lessons with the Big Ideas of Science
- Promote international collaborative projects
- Involve students in real research experiences
- Meet colleagues from different countries
- Use modern tools such as drones, raspberry Pi, robots to design exciting science projects for students.
- Creative Assessment

Science Topics addressed during the course:

- Geography
- Volcanology
- Astronomy
- Biology
- Archaeology

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