TBVT science stand-up show

TBVT science stand-up show
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Science is boring, science is only for scientist, science is for weird people or too intelligent... this is not true!

4 scientists go in stage and perform a show about science. The goal: breaking the stereotypes, show the kindest side of science, shroten the links between research and school and show that science can be fun.

During 1 hour and a half 4 different topics are presented with an important message, we are all nerds, and we are proud of it. At the end of the activity a Q&A part will open the session to discussion, so that students can show their view on science, on the particular topic presented, or just express themselves or make any questions about the scientific career.

A show for students can be seen (in Spanish) here:

If you want Big Van to go to your school to perform you can contact: big.van.theory@gmail.com or in the web for more information www.bigvanscience.com

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