Seismology in school education can promote scientific literacy at all levels but its benefits go far wider than simply providing scientific knowledge about this natural phenomenon. It provides the basis for informed action to protect lives and property on local, regional, and national levels.

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Welcome to our community and network!

Our aim is to provide increased opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between schools across European countries (mainly countries of the European South that experiencing seismic activity) and encourage relationships between stakeholders of both formal and informal education by establishing a network of schools that will study real data, do real analysis of real seismic activity in real time and will present their results to their communities.

Browse our resources, visit our related accelerator, get involved in our discussions, get to know the other community members and develop with us citizen science projects going beyond seismic data acquisition and moving towards active participation and involvement of your schools.

On the map below, you can get data from the school seismographs of our network in real time




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