Seismology in school education can promote scientific literacy at all levels but its benefits go far wider than simply providing scientific knowledge about this natural phenomenon. It provides the basis for informed action to protect lives and property on local, regional, and national levels.

The School Networks Alert Citizens protection project (SNAC) aims to help schools become open hubs of innovation, education, training and information for their local society. A SNAC open school will be in constant interaction with the local community and evolving as its equal social partner. This school is following the echo of the problems of the local community and reacts accordingly. It plans and implements projects that increase the science capital of the local citizens. In our vision students through their projects are developing solutions for early warning systems, seismic activity monitoring and civic protection awareness activities. Thus, all societal actors interact with the research and innovation process with the purpose to align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of the European society. This is the core of the so-called concept of Responsible Citizenship and Responsible Research and Innovation. Developing awareness of this in school education is considered of pivotal importance for long-term impact. In this respect science education through inquiry and project-based learning methodologies are strongly related to the 21st century skills that present school students and future citizens need to develop in order to become innovators by co-creation, collaboration and critical thinking.

In this context, we aim to transform schools, primarily in the SNAC partner countries (Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria), into hubs of innovation and information about the seismic activity and the civil protection, that develop networks with local citizens and authorities, civilian protection agencies, local business, research and science centres and other local stakeholders.

SNAC will develop and offer teachers and school heads comprehensive guides as well as dedicated trainings, seminars and workshops.

Moreover, SNAC will continue to install educational seismometers in schools across countries (since 2016 we have been installing seismometers in schools across Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey and Bulgaria, and we are now expanding to Israel and Portugal as well), increasing our school-based network of seismometers.

In addition, we upgrade the installed seismometers with single-board computers (Raspberry Pi) enabling teachers and students to view and share each other’s data and become members of the Raspberry Shake Worldwide Community.

Browse our resources, visit our community, and develop with us citizen science projects going beyond seismic data acquisition and moving towards active participation and involvement of your schools.

Stay tuned and welcome to our community and network!

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Network of School Seismographs

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