Particle Physics Workshop

Particle Physics Workshop
This is a schools community of University of Birmingham, School of Physics and Astronomy
United Kingdom
Domain: Science
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This community is about a particle physics workshop designed for primary (or low-secondary) school students. The workshop includes:

  • Interactive talk on the research that is carried out at CERN, the atomic and sub-atomic structure of matter and the families of particles in the standard model.
  • Interactive demos on how physicists discover what particles are inside atoms without being able to see the particles themselves
  • Workshop 1 where students design and make a model of a subatomic particle using simple materials e.g. plastic balls, plasticine, decorations.
  • Happy families game, where students familiarise themselves with the families of particles.
  • Snap game, where students learn the "likes" and "dislikes" of particles and how these affect their interactions.

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