Open Discovery Space Innovative School Contest 2015

Open Discovery Space Innovative School Contest 2015

Open Discovery Space (ODS) has been active in 2050 European Schools, reaching over 6500 teachers with its 440 online communities of peers that offer a wealth of high quality digital content and an innovation model that aspires to transform these schools into state-of-the-art learning environments. To celebrate this achievement, ODS is launching a School Contest that will reward the 15 most active schools. Our aim is to bring to the limelight the schools that have endeavored to realize the ODS vision in as many aspects of the educational process as possible.  

Terms & Conditions

The selecting  of the relevant school data  will commence end of April 2015.  The contest will involve all Open Discovery Space schools that have gone through the processes of completing an E-maturity Questionnaire and submitting an Action Plan. In addition, all schools that wish to participate in this contest have to complete a repeat E-maturity questionnaire to determine the impact of the project. The selection process will be completed by May 31st.   

For schools entering ODS in the third phase (Sep 2014 - Jan 2015) and wish to be considered for the contest, they need to complete the E-maturity questionnaire and the Action Plan immediately, selecting and implementing one or more ODS supported activities (for ideas on activities, please visit 'Resources'), and attempt a repeat of the E-maturity questionnaire in the beginning of April 2015. For more information on how to join please, check out this presentation in the ODS Academies: 

A note on indicative criteria

Here is a synopsis of the criteria that will determine the winning schools:  Number of registered teachers in comparison to the total number of teachers in the school; Number of registered teachers with  completed competence profiles; Number of school community members and how this community has evolved; School community visits; Frequency of community update and related events; School teachers’ communities activity: views of content and the relevant social data; E-maturity repeat scores; Evidence showing that a community functions as a virtual training hub for the school; Evidence of a connection between implementation of ODS supported activities and the communities (school or thematic) that serve them; Implementation of ODS-supported activities; Use of ODS Academies and training opportunities.

It is obvious that not all the aforementioned criteria carry the same weight, but a combination of them will determine how active a school has been, thus offering us insights into ODS success stories. Help your school's entry by telling us your school's story in ODS in the "Discussion" below:  

Your schools and their stories:   


15 winning schools will send two members of staff (e.g. the school principal and one “change agent”) to the Open Discovery Space Summer Academy,organized by Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Attica Greece between 12 and 17 of July 2015 ( 










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