"Multi – Maker” Scientific Event!

"Multi – Maker” Scientific Event!
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"Multi- Maker" Scientifc Event deals with new scientific notions, such as gravitational waves or the dark matter. These notions are not included in Greek school curricula, although there are new findings on these fields. Therefore, the aim of this demonstrator is to make these notions familiar to the students, to be aware of new, modern scientific findings, to make them understand that there are creative ways to deal with such phenomena and to improve pupils’ enjoyment of and attainment in science via inquiry-based investigations. 
This demonstrators consists of three parallel sessions:  
• Session 1: Presentation of 4 stories- Drawing/ Painting
These activities are based on scientific storytelling and drawing. Students from 1st and 2nd Class of Primary School Students from 1st and 2nd Class of Primary School talk about the combination of science and fairytales. Then they make drawings so as to represent on another way what they understood from these stories.
• Session 2: Presentation and experiments on gravitational waves and creative activities - theatrical representation.
These activities are based on representation of gravitational waves with constructions. The 5th and 6th Class of Primary Schools deal with gravitational waves. 
• Session 3: Discussion - presentation of topics on the universe and the dark matter, Use of digital media - Comic creation
These activities are based on digital storytelling and creation of comics. Two other classes (3rd and 4th classes from Primary Schools) focus on black matter.
• A final presentation 
At the end of all events students are going to present the whole activities in a common classroom, so as to deal with these issues on a creative way, combining different forms of Art. 
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