May Month of Mathematics (M3)

May Month of Mathematics (M3)
Parent Community: CREATIONS

Center for the Promotion of Science and Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts are organizing popular science event May Month of Mathematics – M3. Since 2012, interactive programmes are presented each May throughout Serbia. The programme comprises diverse and attractive parts: visual exhibitions, interactive exhibits, children workshops, lectures and debates, screenings etc.

Primary and Secondary school pupils and teachers, as well as students from diverse group of faculties are the primary target of M3 program. However, all programs are free and open to the general audience. Professional mathematicians, researchers and University professors are highly involved.

The goals of May Month of mathematics are:

  • promotion of mathematics as fundamental science, used in all other sciences, humanities and creative disciplines
  • promotion of programs of math faculties and Mathematical Institute
  • stimulation of mathematical activities as part of informal learning – math societies and clubs
  • presentation of similar programs and achievements from different European countries (Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Holland…)
  • Serbian edition of famous books by contemporary authors – mathematicians
  • promotion of the mathematical projects and programs funded by the European Commision

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