Math Stories in Museums

Math Stories in Museums
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Museums are established institutions, but they also exist in a changing world. How can we find relations between museums and STEM education? What are the dimensions of “museum education” as a discipline of pedagogy and how do innovative approaches in the teaching of modern science apply to museums? Starting from the assumption that material objects within museums are as much a part of the weave of our lives, such a question could be answered by following: 

-Exolution of problems aiming at the cultivation of mathematical reasoning, analytical, synthesis and critical thinking, supplemented by the formulation of arguments, judgments, criticism and conclusions.
-Statistics diagrams and tables, aimed at enabling students to be able to understand and critically evaluate the results presented, the interpretations and the conclusions drawn from various statistical studies.
-Development of geometric concepts and application of computational methods on the objects of cultural material of each Museum, aiming at cultivating and practicing flexibility in the way of geometric thinking of students, which will be used as a tool for the study and justification of properties of geometric shapes.
Depending on the thematic area of each Museum, one or two or three of the above directions are selected or, sometimes, for the examination of specific topics, additional activities are proposed in the context of the exploratory and analytical approach of cultural material.


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