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Knights for Road Safety (KROS)
This is a schools community of Ellinogermaniki Agogi

This is the Community of the Knights for Road Safety. Based on the Erasmus+ project KROS, the scope of this Community is to use of innovative resources on Road Safety, provided from different stakeholders (open content) through a project-based multidisciplinary approach (open pedagogy) that requires extended collaboration and networking between schools and different stakeholders (open collaboration).

The KROS Community aims to bring significant expertise in the design and implementation of the proposed activities of the KROS Erasmus+ project. In this framework a strategic partnership of Road Safety Experts, Pedagogues and Curriculum Developers, Local Authorities, Advanced Educational Applications Developers and schools are joining forces to design, develop and validate an innovative professional development program for teachers.

The introduction of road safety in school curriculum of a country does not happen automatically as on may think. As an example the recent introduction of mandatory school road safety education in Greek schools in 2018 happened after a more than 10 years of effort of KROS applicant (RSI) and other stakeholders, organizing privately sponsored school trainings for more than 20.000 children/year on average. The experience in Spain where mandatory road safety teaching was introduced in schools in 2015 was similar.

Training is best done in schools by teachers who have themselves been trained in the safety issues relevant to children and achieve effective integration of road safety principles into the school curriculum. The programme will be based on the use engaging presentation forms to attract the whole community of teachers, students and parents within each school.

Additionally, KROS is introducing cutting edge technologies in order to accompany the retention of information regarding the subject of road safety. More in particular the project will use virtual reality technologies so as to firstly introduce attractiveness in the learning process and secondly to improve the quality of the delivery channels of the content to be taught.

Furthermore, KROS will help strengthen the profile of the teaching profession by offering a multidisciplinary approach for the introduction of road safety in the school curriculum. The project wishes to support activities that implement best practices and tools for professionals working with and for children in communicating in a way adapted to their age and stages of development and thus improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom while endorsing innovative methods and digital integration in teaching.

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