Inspiring Science Education Competition

Inspiring Science Education Competition
Domain: Science

A community for those interested in or participating in the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) competitions which have been organised in 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.  The 2015/2016 competition aims to highlight excellence in the creation of learning scenarios or lessons based on the tools,resources and materials available in the Inspiring Science Education Portal. This portal provides opportunities to make science education more challenging, more playful and above all more imaginative and inspiring for today’s students. Creating and using the scenarios and lessons available on the portal opens up opportunities in terms of innovation, assessment and analysis as well as fostering collaboration amongst students, amongst teachers and across borders.

The purpose of this competition is to highlight how teachers can create their own lessons and scenarios and then make them available to others through the ISE portal. This year’s ISE competition is all about recognising and rewarding teachers who create the most innovative and inspiring lessons and scenarios for others to use based on the tools, resources and materials available in the portal.

Taking part is easy and involves 3 steps:

  • join this community in the ISE Portal,
  • create your lesson plan or scenario
  • complete the entry form and submit it by 4 March 2016.

Go to the Competion website pages to find out how to enter, read the rules and see the prizes


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