Gravitational Waves: The Echoes of Creation

Gravitational Waves: The Echoes of Creation
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In February 11, 2016  a major scientific discovery was announced by the LIGO collaboration in USA. 100 years after the conception of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity which describes the force of gravity in a new perspective, humankind comes to observe its greatest verification!
1.3 billion years ago, 2 gigantic black holes with masses almost 30 times the mass of the sun each travelling at speed close to the speed of light collided creating a cataclysmic cosmic event.
The collision energy was so huge that created ripples in spacetime: the gravitational waves which reached our detectors on earth!

In this community and the corresponding CREATIONS Demonstrator, you will be introduced to the science of gravitational waves in a level suitable for the high school classroom and learn how to create scientific exhibits and exhibitions based on this exciting science discovery.

Gravitational Waves
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