ENTREDU Socially Responsible / Sustainable Business Plan contest

ENTREDU Socially Responsible / Sustainable Business Plan contest
Domain: Business Studies

In the framework of ENTREDU project Ellinogermaniki Agogi in order to promote an enterprise culture, and to encourage risk-taking, creativity and innovation is organizing a Socially Responsible / Sustainable Business Plan contest using the Open Discovery Space tools (http://ods-portal-dev.intrasoft-intl.com/beta/sites/default/files/manual/ods-portal-manual-en.pdf) in the thematic area of Entrepreneurship. The scope of the contest to encourage students to develop innovative ideas and solutions to contemporary social problems and also give them the opportunity to build skills they needed to become socially responsible professionals in the future. Students participating in the contest will be familiar with the concept of social entrepreneurship and also to develop their own creative and innovative solutions to real social problems by working in small groups of 4-6 students.

The contest is targeting teachers/students from different European countries and programmes focus on developing entrepreneurial competencies and skills, which are transferable and beneficial in many work contexts. The aim is not only to strengthen the capacity and desire of more individuals to start their own enterprises, but also to develop an entrepreneurial culture in society.

Students with the help of their teacher are required to write a proposal (600-1000 words) in which they propose innovative ideas relating to the business use of social entrepreneurship and new technologies (such as third generation mobile phones, smart sensors, etc..) New services having in mind the global market. The proposal should not be a general essay but presents the main features and how to implement an idea (such as a site provider, selling products, entertainment, social networking, etc..) that could be developed into business.

The three best proposals will be rewarded the ENTREDU prize. The deadline for submitting your proposal is the 15th of January 2015. The evaluation of the proposals made by the Scientific Committee of the ENTREDU project.

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