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This web-space is dedicated to host internal instructions, announce deadlines and relevant links for partners in order to support demonstrators, their communities and their resources for developing an engaging science classroom.
Project partners: please bookmark this community and keep visiting prior to a workshop

The CREATIONS community portal follows the fundamental aim of the project to create a vital environment of innovative approaches and activities for teachers and students towards Scientific Research. All tools hosted in this portal are based on Art and focus on the development of effective links and synergies between schools and research infrastructures. Effective community building as an aspect of the project-implementation will lead to the development of a roadmap that will include guidelines for the design and implementation of innovative educational and outreach activities.

Except from directly communicating with the administrators of this community (Giannis AleopoulosEmmanuel Chaniotakis and Petros Stergiopoulos), partners may consult D4.5D4.4 and D4.3 for help and for an overview of the Community Support status.


Guidelines Highlighting the efficient use of the CREATIONS Portal



The suggested steps to trigger the workflow of community-building as a tool to disseminate and enhance the initial demonstrators proposed can be summarized as follows:

  • Partners register and create a profile
  • Build your own community around the demonstrator and invite teachers of your network to use the guidelines offered.
  • Upload the PDF document of their demonstrator(s) as an educational object to the resources
  • Start disseminating your community to your teachers - network


Follow up:

  • Partners enhance their initial CREATIONS communities with content
    • Digital content may consist of photographs, text descriptions, videos, links or even entire lesson plans. Active members of a community can be encouraged to become administrators of a community sharing the responsibility of content uploading with the partners.
  • Partners encourage community members to develop their own subcommunities


Video Guidelines

The following guidelines are a first attempt to capture on video the necessary procedures a partner needs to do in order to add more members to their communities, upload resources and customize their communities.
We have tried to make them as short and as practical as possible. Please remember that the content of the CREATIONS communities is free for everybody to view.

Video 1: Introduction to the  CREATIONS Portal 

Video 2: The CREATIONS Parent Community

Video 3: How to upload a resource in your CREATIONS Community 

Video 4: How to customize your CREATIONS Community

Video 5: Invite a registered member to a community you manage:

Video 6: Invite an unregistered member to a community you manage via email account (community manager's point of view) 

Video 7: Invite an unregistered member to a community you manage (new member’s point of view):


The CREATIONS project foresees three cycles of teacher training workshops: Visionary Workshops (Completed: M3-M8), Practice Reflection Workshops (Completed: M13-M21), Summative Workshops (Ongoing: M25- M33)

Μ25-33 Summative Workshops (November 2017 - June 2018)

Status: Ongoing

The summative workshops aim to recapitulate on the experiences and lessons from the long implementation of the training activities. During this phase communities of practice are expected to further develop and expand the CREATIONS demonstrators.

After the completion of a summative workshop:

Partners should fill in the Partner Form:

Participant Teachers should fill the Teacher Questionnaire:



M13-21 Practice Reflection Workshops (October 2016 - June 2017)

Status: Completed 
(Initial-Demonstrator Community-Building Deadline : October 31st 2016)

New deadline for Demonstrator Community Building:  November 25 th 2016


Although the workshops of this cycle will be organized locally their main aim will be to develop creative approaches based upon the demonstrators offered by each partner and also effectively addressing the challenges introduced in the first cycle. During the second cycle of workshops and in order to initiate synergies between the different approaches that the CREATIONS project has to offer, communities of practice must be built around the first 20 Demonstrators introduced as Deliverable 3.1 The CREATIONS Demonstrators (Initial Release). 

Practice Reflection Workshops aim to form a core group of teachers and educational policy makers ready for the next cycle of workshops.

M3-8 Visionary Workshops (December 2015 - May 2016)

Status: Completed

This cycle of participatory engagement was organised locally in the participating countriesand it has now been completed. During these workshops teachers were introduced in the idea of organizing vision-building workshops, on implementing initial scenarios and in collecting teacher's requirements. The challenges that teachers and students met during this cycle can be summarized as follows:

  • Introducing students to advanced scientific issues.
  • Increasing the interest of young people in science and technology.
  • Fostering scientific methodology and culture in school classrooms.
  • Combining science teaching with art.
  • Teachers training/ professional development
  • Re-shaping the science curricula
  • Developing Students’ inquiring skills via creativity

Initial scenarios were also implemented in selected cases based upon the Initiatives’ structure and Effective learning environments form. (For further details and a summary of these activities, please consult D4.2 Schools- Research Centers Collaboration Future Challenges Report).


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