Ciencia Show: science stand-up CONTEST

Ciencia Show: science stand-up CONTEST
Domain: Science

NATIONAL CONTEST: science monologues for students.

Ciencia Show is a Spanish stand-up science national contest for students.

Students present a video with a stand-up science explanation in less than 5 minutes. 

The best 6 students in each of the selected cities of the project perform in the semifinal in a local theatre with experts as jury. The winner of each city travels to Bilbao for the national final. The final winners (student and teacher) will travel to visit CERN.

The webpage of the contest:

Here a student performing in last year final:

And a teaser of the project:

Selected cities so far are Madrid, Bilbao and Gran Canaria.

You can get some tips about creating a monologue here:

And a complete online course on communication via monologue here:

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