Ciencia Clip: young Science Youtubers CONTEST

Ciencia Clip: young Science Youtubers CONTEST
Domain: Science
Parent Community: CREATIONS

INTERNATIONAL CONTEST: open to any student in the world.

Students learn to create their own youtube videos where they can explain to others their favourite science topic.

Videos are grouped in six categories:

- S: for students age 12-14

- M: for students age 14-16

- L: for students age 16-18

And then 3 other categories with same age range division for animation videos.

A special categorie for best video from Latin American and european (excluding Spain) countries is also part of the contest.

Winners of each categories travel to Bilbao, in september, to take part of Naukas Bilbao, a national science faire and conference for general public. Special prize of a trip to CERN will be awarded for best video.

Contests rules are available in the web page:

The web page for latinamerican participants:

Promotional video:

Promotional video with English subtitles:

Some winners of last year contest here:

A tutorial on how to create a nice Youtube video with cheap material is shown here:


Contest starts 16th february and ends 16th april. In may the list of winners is presented.

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