Acritan figures in Music heritage

Acritan figures in Music heritage

Final event: April 23, 2013 12:00 EET 2013


The idea

"ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ (Akriton Mousiki)" is a live interactive performance audiovisual event combining Music and Digital Shadow Theatre. The performance is inspired by Greek Acritan heritage and includes the colaborative preparation, co-creation and realization of an online event between multiple distant schools linked together via videoconference. During the "Linkcast" (webcasted videoconference) pupils from four acritic schools presented a virtual-stage role-playing educational activity by moving digital figures (e-shadow platform) accompanied with shared live Music performance. 


The initial Linkcast scenario

The blueprint of the linkcast scenario was derived from the “Let Us Share The Music” activity recognized as good practice from the Pedagogical Institute Good-Practices Database. The scenario involved pupils from Gaudos, Karpathos, Kastelorizo and Cyprus. The initially proposed scenario was as follows:

  1. The school in Gaudos begins the event by presenting the Acritic heritage in general.
  2. A music theme from classical music inspired by the acritic tradition is performed in Athens.
  3. The school in Cyprus continues with the acritic song of Digenis Akritas. At the same time pupils from Crete move figures of «Digenis in the Marble Threshing Fields”.
  4. Karpathos presents “sirmatika” (traditional songs from Karpathos) and excerpts from the song of Armouris. At the same time pupils from Cyprus move e-shadow figures inspired by the song.  [ Samuel Baud-Bovy, Chansons du Dodecanese, t. 2, Societé d'Édition "Les Belles Lettres", Paris 1938 /   Samuel Baud-Bovy,“La chanson d' Armouris et sa tradition orale”, Byzantion, v. 13 (1938)]
  5. The school in Crete presents Kypridimos from the scene of joust contest with Erotokritos (epic poem by Vicenzos Kornaros).The school in Gaudos move figures from this scene.
  6. The linkcast closes with classical Music from Athens.



The final Linkcast scenario

The final Linkcast scenario was based upon the educational needs of every site that took part on the event following the phases of the good practice.  This scenario consisted of four aspects of streaming events: the flow of sites succeeding each other (1st column) and three columns of interaction:

  • the flow of the e-shadow theatre events (yellow column),
  • the flow of Powerpoint events (purple column)
  • the flow of audio events (cyan column)


The scenario included an advanced interaction between five remote sites. Part of the dialogues arranged for the event was based upon the Byzantine epos of Digenis Akritas from the University of Crete Anemi Database.


Scheduling / Preparation

The scheduling of this web event included rehearsals, studying and also the finalization of the Linkcast scenario. During the whole preparation period teachers and pupils tested the videoconference environment in live performance-practice conditions. A time-schedule was compiled according to the needs of each place in collaboration with each one individually or all the sites together as real-time participants.
The whole preparation was designed, coordinated and hosted by Mr. Petros Stergiopoulos in Athens (the place were the event was virtually hosted).


Table of scheduling and monitoring









Music as a performance art.

Music as background gave a new dimension to the event as a performance art project. Live Music was presented in Athens (Petros Bouras: Piano teacher, Dimitris Kouzis: Violin teacher), Cyprus (Fr. Demetrios: Kanun), Kastelorizo (Alexandra Nikolaidou elementary school teacher: Mandolin and pupil from 5th grade) and Karpathos (Magda Katsipanou Music teacher, with pupil’s choir). A traditional song inspired by the 36 Greek Danses of Nikos Skalkotas was adapted for elementary school teacher Kyriaki Triantafyllidou (clarinet) and her 1st grade pupil (in cajon). The song was performed as a theme-sequence between the two sites. Pages were turned by Ms Katsipanou from Karpathos and the rest of the participant sites were the live audience.


An asset for future development

The live attendance during the preparation stage as well as the audiovisual recording of the activity was processed by distant schools as spectators. In this way an independent community of live-performance distant-interaction participants and hosts was also prepared. Teachers in these schools will be the future hosts of similar events by adapting or developing similar scenarios based on the experience gained. Schools from Kilkis and Ancient Olympia are already involved in the action.




The development of the “AKRITON MOUSIKI” activity is the first attempt to produce advanced interaction scenarios between 5 remote places via live videoconference involving Music as a performance art. The Octopus platform for developing scenarios was also used:

A much greater effort for creating versatile educational communities what will work on creating, conducting and performing such online music events is now in progress. Towards this task the OPEN DISCOVERY SPACE platform is becoming a key pillar for the development of such events in the future.



The Linkcast website

The final Linkcast website was announced only to the remote sites involved. The preparation though was monitored by school-teacher attendees using credentials given by the project/activity coordinator.




Technological design / Research & Support

Technical University of Crete
Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (TUC/MUSIC)

eshadow Platform
Nektarios Moumoutzis
Marios Christoulakis
Andreas Pitsiladis


Design & Live streaming coordinator / Online Music coordinator

Petros Stergiopoulos


Pedagogical planning / Realization

Chrisoula Charismaidou (Kastelorizo)
Alexandra Nikolaidou (Kastelorizo)
Kyriaki Triantafyllidou (Gaudos)
Magda Katsipanou (Karpathos)
Vangelis Mitakidis (Karpathos)
Giorgos Karatzias (Karpathos)
Alexandros Kofteros (Cyprus)
Petros Stergiopoulos (Athens)


Artistic design & curator

Dimitrios Skourtelis





These video excerpts are live reproduction of the actual multicast environment recorded in Adobe Connect Pro v. 7.5 platform server. Access to the audiovisual content is restricted only to those who are registered in the Distance learning Music Agoge project. For credentials please don't hesitate to contact with the project coordinator Mr. Petros Stergiopoulos .
(Please refresh your browser in case audio stream initiates twice).

Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_86_Αθήνα-0
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_87_Αθήνα-1_Κύπρος-1
Duration:  00:09:38
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_88_Κύπρος-2_Κάρπαθος-1/2
Duration:  00:19:41
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_89_Κάρπαθος-3_Αθήνα-2_Γαύδος-1
Duration:  00:09:16
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_90_Γαύδος-2_Καστελόριζο-1
Duration:  00:09:29
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_91_Καστελόριζο-2
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Title:  EAlink_ΑΚΡΙΤΩΝ_ΜΟΥΣΙΚΗ_2013_92_Αποφώνηση
Duration:  00:03:52
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TheAkriton MousikiLinkcast was based on the idea by Mr Nektarios Moumoutzis, ResearcherProfessor of Informatics in  TUC/MUSIC and it is developed as part of the OPEN DISCOVERY SPACE project.


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