3d printing @ Schools Community

3d printing @ Schools Community
Domain: ICT

3d printing is an innovative teaching and learning practice. Teachers participating in ODS schools have already started implementing it.  The ODS 3d printing @ Schools Community comes with a focus on discussing, organising and presenting design elements for 3D printing, while reusing existing infrastructure (Fab Labs, ICT and 3D printing equipment) in a dynamic pedagogical context, in order to address learning and teaching needs with new educational content.  Aim of this community is to raise teachers awareness on 3d printing, organise training events on design, use and deployment of design software and 3D printing infrastructures in schools and elsewhere, initiate cross discipline, augmented reality driven, projects between schools and other institutions using, mainly, 3D design and printing activities. If you want to find more join the ODS 3d printing @ Schools Community!

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  • Teachers/Trainers who want to search/exchange educational scenarios/ideas on 3d printing, teach e.g. science and engineering concepts using 3d printing technologies, develop their 3D design skills and digital fabrication expertise and deliver them to their students
  • Content Providers who develop digital content regarding  3d printing applications and they want to make it available
  • Learners/Students who want to develop their transversal competences, 3d design skills and digital fabrication experience
  • Fab Labs which collaboratively design works in group projects with schools



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