Let Us Link The World

Let Us Link The World

What is Sound actually?

Sound is what I understand as the ultimate way of human communication. Soundwaves formed by our voices contain the anatomy of human emotions. Writen word is nothing more than a graphic representation of speech. Writen and spoken sound can also be the element of the global human language which is no other than Music itself. Modulations in timbre and pitch form the global way of human communication through time.

Human voice is not only an information carrier but also the imprint of human emotions. There are millions of ways to express just one word.

Music is nothing more than an intellectual game of sound differentation. We use the sound of our voice to play this game from the minute we are born. Sounds combined or single, strong or soft, make us either shout or keep silent or even respond as if we were in a conversation.

In any case sound makes us feel...  


What does the word MUSIC represent in ourdays?

Music has always been the Art of Time. We need time to listen to the Music. But that time has always been the same between the performer and the listener. In the history of mankind the triangle  between the performer, the listener and time was kept unbroken. If we exclude the ingenius history of "automata", this unbroken relation was dismembered since the whole world entered the era of NEW MEDIA.












Petros Stergiopoulos

SEIKILOS was alive again...

Cape Sounio Live Multicast August 21, 2013




Gazing upon
the Temple
I thought
Let my sound
the East shore'

for a moment
was alive ... again




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