Teaching and Classroom Management Skills Academy

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Welcome to SimAULA! SimAULA is a tool for teachers or teachers-to-be to practice their teaching and classroom management skills within a fun and safe educational game environment. Scenarios in SimAULA take place inside a virtual classroom, with you as the teacher. You decide the topic for the lesson, the method of facilitation, and the time and equipment used for each part of your session. Throughout the game, you will be scored on how appropriate your decisions are to the situation, and how well you have managed to retain the attention of the class. Virtual students will give feedback and answer questions, and disruptive students need to be dealt with. At the end, your performance will be assessed and f eedback on your decisions will be given.

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In the course of this module you will familiarize yourself with the principles of Universal Design for learning and learn to implement them in your daily teaching practice.

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The workshop is organised in the context of the UDLnet Network.

2015.07.12 to 2015.07.17

Join us this Summer in Attica, Greece, to bring and sustain innovation in your school!


To Tμημα Έρευνας & Ανάπτυξης της Ελληνογερμανικής Αγωγής σε συνεργασία με το εργαστήριο «Φωνής και Προσβασιμότητας», Τμήμα Πληροφορικής και Τηλ


A training workshop dedicated to engaging parents in school education will be organised during the ODS