Metadata for the ODS project

Title of Acitivity
Metadata for the ODS project
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this learning module the content providers will be presented with the ODS metadata application profile. A practical part will be devoted to metadata annotation tools and good practises.

Pedagogical objectives

This module aims at introducing content providers to the details of ODS IEEE LOM application profile, with all the metadata elements being thoroughly described and including conformance level. After this module, they should understand the key role of metadata in ODS project, have assimilated the best practices in metadata annotation, be proficient in the use of metadata annotation tools and be able to at least from a theoretical point of view, validate the conformance of a given metadata record against the ODS application profile.


The teachers will follow a presentation about the ODS application profile. During this presentation, simple examples will be provided to the teachers to help them get acquainted with the annotation process. To continue, they will be encouraged to use the annotation tool chosen by the project to annotate their own learning resources or resources that they find online through learning repositories. These resources will be stored in a temporary repository to be used for educational purposes only. They will be re-examined in a later stage of the training program, to evaluate the progress of the teachers.

Follow Up

Learners are encouraged to use the metadata annotation tool by adding some metadata to existing online learning objects and checking their completeness and validity against the metadata published for those resources in a given repository (e.g., MERLOT).

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