How to use OSOS home

How to use OSOS home

OSOS offers a range of exciting ideas and tools to use in your classroom. This page will guide you through the necessary steps, allowing you to take advantage of all the features provided by the OSOS portal.

Joining or creating an OSOS Community

The OSOS portal promotes a genuine collaborative approach to opening up schools to their local societies through innovative science education practices and the building of communities of practice. These communities are the heart of OSOS: Waste no time in joining a community and other educators in searching, using, modifying and creating teaching materials.

More information on communities and how to join can be found on the Communities page.

You are now a full member of the OSOS Community, what is next?

You can search for educational resources created by others, use them in your classroom, modify them according to your own particular needs and classroom realities and create your own resources.

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