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Learning Scenario
Teaching space science using a model Lego robotic telescope
Last updated 10/02/2015, by Philippa Kettle
Domain: ICT>Control concepts>Modelling, Science>Physics>Light>Light sources, Science>Physics>Tools for science>Observatories, Science>Astronomy>Astronomy>Stars
Learning objectivesCognitive - Knowledge:
Conceptual: Describe the techniques used to find the position of a star
Procedural: Follow instructions to successfully build a model telescope
Meta – cognitive: Pupils are able to work well as a team and manage their own tasks to ensure the completion of the project.
Cognitive - Process:
To understand: Pupils will understand the method for how to measure the brightness of a star
To apply: To apply the theory of locating stars to a classroom situation with a model telescope
To organize values: The pupils will learn to organise their work as a team to ensure completion of the project.
To form and follow a system of values: Pupils will need to follow a system of behaviour values in order to complete the work and not let their team down.
To perform independently, skillfully and precisely: To work skillfully at building a model telescope independently following instructions
Grade & Age11-18
Keywords/subjectSpace, Physics, Stars, Computer, Science, Programming
TitleTeaching space science using a model Lego robotic telescope
Author(s)Name: Philippa Kettle Organization: Idsall School
Description/ main idea

This scenario works through the process of building a model robotic telescope from Lego and then using it to teach aspects of science in the classroom.

This learning scenario brings together computer science and physics using a toy that every child can relate to. This scenario can be run in several different ways depending on how much of the equipment you set up in advance. This makes a fantastic STEM project as it allows for the collaboration of pupils working on small different tasks that when complete results in a finished project that has incorporated Maths, Science and Technology.

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