Creations create

Creations create

This area hosts instructions of how you can create an event using your own demonstrator.
Teachers can start from scratch using the existing demonstrator template or design their own using combination of elements from different demonstrators. Each sector of the demonstrator template (Rational of the Activity/Educational Approach, Learning Objectives, etc.) can be combined or altered according to the user needs:
The decisive characteristic of CREATIONS project is not only to encourage the integration of innovative educational practices in science education but to allow teachers to develop their own. Key aspect of this approach is the adaptation of the Inquiry Based Educational phases that are embedded in each demonstration:

  1. 1. Question
  2. 2. Evidence
  3. 3. Analyse
  4. 4. Explain
  5. 5. Contact
  6. 6. Communicate
  7. 7. Reflect

Download a demonstrator’s template

How to upload your demonstrator at the CREATIONS portal as a document

How to register an event via the Event Module (page 10 of the document)