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  1. Black vine weevil and other wingless weevils: are there any effective control methods applicable in outdoor strawberry in Nordic countries?

  2. Resistant barley varieties may facilitate control of Ramularia leaf spot

  3. The effect of reduced tillage on mycotoxin contents of oat and barley grain

  4. Effect Of Barley-Legume Intercrop And Major Nutrients On Disease Frequency In An Organic Farming System

  5. An ancient compound rediscovered: perspectives of aphid control in organic hop growing by the use of quassia products

  6. Assessing the sustainability of a stockless arable rotation (OF0318)

  7. Nectria galligena as the cause of a collar rot disease in organically grown Topaz apple trees

  8. Influence of plastic cover on fruit-quality and Monilia laxa infestations with organically produced apricots

  9. Tolerance to weed harrowing in four spring barley varieties

  10. Results on smut resistance of winter barley varieties published