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  1. MiniPrep. Purificación de ADN plasmídico (plasmid DNA purification)

  2. Crowdsourcing Cells

  3. Crowdsourcing Cells

  4. En busca del ADN

  5. The Birth of German Biotechnology Industry: Did Venture Capital run the show?

  6. Portfolio strategies of life science venture capital firms in the USA and Europe

  7. Do University Based Regions Really Attract Outside Entrepreneurs: The Case of the German Biotechnology Industry

  8. Public R&D Policy: The Right Turns of the Wrong Screw? The Case of the German Biotechnology Industry

  9. Determinants of the acquisition of smaller firms by larger incumbents in high-tech industries: are they related to innovation and technology sourcing?

  10. Stimuliert der BioRegio-Wettbewerb die Bildung von Biotechnologieclustern in Deutschland?