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  1. Overwinter transplant production for extended season organic cropping (OF 0144)

  2. Influence of different seed rates, sowing techniques and N supply on grain yield and quality parameters in intercropping systems

  3. Non- Chemical Methods Of Seed Treatment For Control Of Seed- Borne Pathogens On Vegetables

  4. Partial substitution of concentrates by maize silage in rations for organic dairy cows and its influence on performance and utilization efficiency

  5. Research And Development Into The Viability Of A One Hundred Per Cent Organic Ration For Organic Table Birds Within A Silvo-poultry System

  6. Risk of Salmonella shedding in different pig production systems

  7. Integrated control of slug damage in organic vegetable crops

  8. Ability of new durum wheat pure lines to meet yield stability and quality requirements in low input and organic systems

  9. A suppressive index for spring barley varieties

  10. An assessment of nitrogen fixation in 'organically managed' spring-sown lupins and leaching under a following winter cereal