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  1. Screening For Resistance To Leaf Stripe (Pyrenophora Graminea) In Barley

  2. Plant-availability of catch crop S following spring incorporation

  3. Seed quality in organic carrot seed production. Does tunnel production in Denmark provide sufficient seed quality?

  4. Making a Solar Oven

  5. Microbial biomass and size-density factions differ between soils of organic and conventional agricultural systems

  6. Crop cover improves the nitrogen status in vegetable crop rotations

  7. The difference in transfer of all-rac-a-tocopherol stereo-isomers to milk from cows and the effect on its oxidative stability

  8. Whole-rotation dry matter and nitrogen grain yields from the first course of an organic farming crop rotation experiment

  9. Hot or Cold? Exploring Axial tilt

  10. Stellar Spectra: Temperature