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  1. Carbon Balance in the Russian Forests

  2. Effect of Method and Rate of Grazing on Beef Production and Plant Population of Pastures at Beltsville, Md.

  3. The Effect of Air Drying on the Hydrogen-Ion Concentration of the Soils of the United States and Canada

  4. Beef Production And Quality As Affected By Method Of Feeding Supplements To Steers On Grass In The Appalachian Region

  5. Velvetbeans, Cottonseed Meal, And Peanut Meal As Protein Feeds For Fattening Steers In The Coastal Plain Area

  6. Biology of the Pea Weevil in the Pacific Northwest With Suggestions for Its Control on Seed Peas

  7. Sensory emphasis on pork quality related to the diet content of fermentable fibre-rich feedstuffs (chicory and lupine) with special emphasis on the effect on boar taint

  8. Annual self-reseeding legumes effect on subsequent crops into a rotation program in Mediterranean organic farming systems

  9. Biology and Control of the Corn Leaf Aphid With Special Reference to the Southwestern States

  10. A Comparative Study Of Storage At 32 Degrees And 36 Degrees F. Of Apples Grown In The Potomac River Valley