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  1. Land application of municipal sludge- advantages and concern

  2. Energy Related Environmental Impact of Buildings IEA Annex-31

  3. Presentation of Eco-Quantum, the LCA-based computer tool for the quantitative determination of. the environmental impact of buildings

  4. Livestock production, the environment and mixed farming systems

  5. The role of livestock in mitigating land degradation, poverty and child malnutrition in mixed farming systems: the case of coffee-growing midlands of Sidama- Ethiopia

  6. Livestock geography and land use

  7. Fisheries and Aquaculture in the South Pacific: Situation and Outlook in 1996

  8. The influence of government policies on livestock production and the environment in West Asia and North Africa (WANA)

  9. Livestock-deforestation links: policy issues in the Western Brazilian Amazon

  10. The TWIN-model, an environmental calculation method as performance concept