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  1. New colour in building large plants. Neurath power station, for example

  2. Named after garment. Festival hall "Le Safran", Brie-Comte-Robert, France

  3. Light and glass. Bluetower, AT-St.Johann/Pongau

  4. Urban hygiene. Overbuilding Domino, Bern

  5. Joints and notches. St. Jakob's tower, Basel city

  6. Cult object. DYB factory building, Cormondreche (Neuenburg)

  7. Tuition in constructed form. Genesis Centre, Somerset College, Taunton, United Kingdom

  8. Something's going on! T-groove anchorage technology (TNAT)

  9. Glass cladding. Overbuilding "Zug Town Gate", Zug /CH

  10. The terminal. De la Blecherette Airport, Lausanne