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  1. A Study on the Direction of Remodeling for Super High-Rise Housing through Survey with Experts

  2. Coolhouse: integrating very low energy geothermal cooling with sustainable const ruction

  3. Analysis of the Performance for Passive Design Strategies Adopted in Hae-In Temple with Field Measurement and Numerical Simulation

  4. Application of a Building Environmental Assessment, CASBEE, and its Influence on the Building Market

  5. Sustainable Building in the Malaysian Context

  6. Local actions to improve the sustainable construction in Italy

  7. The Sustainable Community Strategies: To Evaluate The Sustainable Development of Community

  8. Study of Several Factors for Green Building Assessment System in China

  9. Study on Hindrance Factors a. Improvement of Productivity of System Form Work with Apartment Buildings

  10. Synergetic Integration of a Solar PVT System-PV with Solar Wall in KIER