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Learning Scenario
Lunar Mountains (Demo Scenario)
Last updated 02/12/2014, by Christopher Leigh
Domain: Mathematics>Geometry, Science>Astronomy, ICT>Processing text & images>Using images & text
Learning objectivesCognitive - Knowledge:
Procedural: Hands-on Activity to measure and estimate the height of a mountain on the Moon.
Cognitive - Process:
To apply: To guide participants towards an estimate of of mountain height using basic ideas of algebra and trigonometry.
To respond and participate: Participant has to build a mosaic of the moon, then select a feature on which to carry out measurements. High degree of involvement.
To perform confidentially following instructions
Grade & Age11 to 16
Keywords/subjectAstronomy, Moon, Asteroids, Craters, Mountains, Algebra, Measurements
TitleLunar Mountains (Demo Scenario)
Author(s)Name: Chris Leigh Organization: LJMU Role: ODS (UK) National Co-ordinator
Description/ main idea

The Lunar Mountains activity is a Keystage 3/4 workshop to estimate the height of mountains and crater walls on the Moon. After assembling a mosaic of a quarter-phase Moon, students are asked to measure the length of shadows being cast by a number of vertical features on the lunar surface, and will then use some algebra to estimate their respective heights.

Data for scenario can be found at: http://www.schoolsobservatory.org.uk/activ/lunarmount/moonsaic2

Scenario PDF File lunar_craters.pdf