The Enquiring Classroom Summer School 2017

The Enquiring Classroom Summer School 2017

In the context of the global refugee crisis and the rise of populism, violent extremism and debates about integration, there is growing interest within the European educational context in developing strategies to support teachers and students in engaging in difficult ethical conversations about identity, beliefs, democratic values, diversity, belonging and violence, in order to establish a firm foundation for inclusive and tolerant schools.

The Enquiring Classroom Summer School 2017 will explore techniques for targeted capacity building in classrooms, enabling teachers:

  1. To use the tools of philosophical enquiry to engage in difficult ethical discussions and to support students' capabilities in this regard
  2. To promote peer knowledge transfer and exchange of pedagogical content, strategies and practice to support students' lived encounters with philosophical and religious thought
  3. To develop a skill-set for teachers that supports careful and sensitive facilitation of complex issues.

The Enquiring Classroom Summer School 2017 will focus on the following training outcomes:

  1. Teachers will attain transferable skills that can adapted across the educational spectrum
  2. Teachers will enhance their abilities to facilitate and support enquiry
  3. Teachers will experiment with model strategies for student engagement, discussion and analysis of complex issues, concepts, beliefs and values underlying inclusion

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