Change-agents' Community


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Change-agents' Community
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Welcome to the Change-agents' community!

It is addressed to the teachers who are acting as change-agents for their schools, as well as to other actors who are interested in school leadership, school development and innovation.

The change-agents are pioneering teachers who:

  • take initiatives in order to implement innovative practices that aim to have long-term effect on the development of the school as a whole.
  • Develop a strategy for involving and disseminating the results of innovative practices to the whole school community
  • Develop a strategy for dealing with various sources and types of resistance to change

 The purpose of this community is to enable the communication and networking among the change-agent teachers, to support them with resources and material and to create an empowering environment that will foster sustainable changes in schools.

In the resources area- educational content you can browse through  tools that can support schools in developing strategies for school development, change and innovation. Feel free to upload your own resources! You can also use the blogs and discussions to share your views and experiences on these issues, while you can also use the polls to express your opinion on specific questions or address your own question to the rest of the community. In the events area you can upload or browse through national events for change-agent teachers.

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Created on: 01.10.2013
Last visited: 18.01.2021