Parent Community: CREATIONS

Welcome to the CREATIONS Academy.
Here you can find resources to help you define and plan creative science teaching and learning, including good practice examples, planning, workshopping activities and teaching resources, including approaches to Inquiry Based Science Education.
For a full description of the CREATIONS demonstrators, visit the CREATIONS parent community

Defining Creativity and understanding the CREATIONS features
The CREATIONS definition of Creativity.

Tools for planning CREATIONS teaching into your teaching
A resource for integrating the CREATIONS features in school practice

CREATIONS Demonstrators and Planning Templates
Resources and templates on how to create your CREATIONS Demonstrator and integrate the
CREATIONS framework in your setting.

Planning Continuous Professional Development
Continuous professional Development in the CREATIONS framework.

Further resources to help understand the CREATIONS framework and tools.

Created on: 27.01.2017
Last visited: 24.05.2022